WebEx at Virginia Tech

WebEx is a suite of web-conferencing tools from Cisco used to host video conferences. WebEx can be used for online teaching and meetings, and WebEx is compatible with traditional IP videoconferencing. Virginia Tech’s Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS) provides VT WebEx to VT faculty and staff at no cost, enabling them to host meetings and classes. Students and external collaborators can attend VT WebEx meetings and classes, but cannot create or host VT WebEx events. Meetings must be hosted from a computer, but attendees can join via mobile devices.

Examples of how WebEx can be used include:

  • teaching academic courses
  • holding office hours
  • providing academic support services such as tutoring and advising
  • conducting departmental or college business
  • conducting outreach
  • holding information sessions/orientation
  • holding meetings with research sponsors and external collaborators
  • conducting interviews

Hundreds of Virginia Tech faculty and staff already use WebEx.

Instructions for using VT WebEx

How Do I Sign Up for WebEx?

  • Eligiblity
  • Signing Up
  • Passwords

What Hardware and Software are Recommended for WebEx?

  • Computer Requirements
  • Internet Connection
  • Browser Requirements
  • Meeting Security
  • Headphones and Microphones
  • Test Your Computer

How Do I Use WebEx

  • Meeting Center
  • Training Center

How Do I Get Information and Training on WebEx?

How Do I Get Help with WebEx?

  • If WebEx Disconnects during a Class or Meeting
  • Get Help Setting Up our WebEx Account, Troubleshooting Meeting Setup, and Troubleshooting Recording